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Nov 18 // Tap 14th Birthday

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Nov 18 // Tap 14th Birthday
Speaker: Albert Chu
Location: Richmond

Matthew 9:35-10:1 | The Harvest is Plentiful but the Workers are Few.

Workers would go out into the field when the harvest was ready, because if it wasn't gathered, it would wither and no longer be good. The time is now - there is an urgency behind our call and mission as disciples to be sent out into the mission field.

Nov 18 // Tap 14th Birthday
Speaker: Jesse Pals
Location: Richmond

Matthew 6:1-4 | The Reflex That's Rewarded

Disciples of Jesus are called to generous living as a reflex to God’s generous giving. 
What Jesus is most concerned with in this passage is NOT that we’re giving our 10% tithe. Jesus understood that if the behaviour is right but the belief behind it is wrong, the behaviour is devalued. Jesus reveals the beliefs behind our behaviours so that we can see ourselves, and in turn, him more accurately. God desires that we should move from making a resolution to give to the desire to give as a reflex for his faithful provision.